Saturday, July 28, 2007

turtle stays put

This turtle was spotted on a small bench in a local gallery. He was unwilling to comment on the record, but it was fairly clear he had no interest in being rescued.

A gift from CSE


Jacob said...

I'm not buying it. Bacon,...turtles? Why not frogs or tuna for chrisssssake. Or snakes. Maybe this is one of many personalities of CB; the animal-saving version...yeah. That would make sense. I'd buy it.

elftzu said...

this morning i went to the local "Caribou Coffee Chain" (i was feeling Minnestoan ?) and two kids were there with their parents. One of the kids climbed into the magazine basket and announced " I am no longer a Box Turtle ...I am a Basket Turtle"

Cold Bacon said...

if only for a moment.