Friday, July 27, 2007

turtle rescued just in time

This turtle was rescued from a place often referred to as museum on this day July 27, 2007. Some people would be quick to label carefully planned and executed operation as heist but these people are what's known as sour grapes. I think our aboriginal friend will really like his new home.

A gift from CSE


jill said...

k. tried to figure out how to send you a pic but i can't because apparently sucks. clearly it is not me. what i really mean to say is that the coolest turtles (sorry, tortoises) in captivity are at the honolulu zoo. [cool photo here.]

arizona kinda pretty much sucks as far as i can tell. especially if you only have a bike in july. maybe august will be better, haha.

Cold Bacon said...

arizona cannot suck as much as texas. turtles rule!