Monday, July 30, 2007


We have just gotten word a turtle has rescued himself from a large box in an undisclosed location. We were able to obtain this sketch from a doodlebug who saw everything.

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Rachel said...

i just learned that turtles can breath thru their butts. fascinating.

Cold Bacon said...

it can't be true?

The Metrosexiest said...

"Turtles have extraordinary anaerobic capacity--they have survived up to 33 hours in a pure nitrogen atmosphere. (Most reptiles have a high anaerobic capacity compared to mammals, but even they can't survive much more than 30 minutes without oxygen.) Although basically air-breathing, many aquatic species have developed ways to pick up oxygen even when submerged. Of these the most remarkable, which some turtles share with dragonfly nymphs, sea cucumbers, and certain televangelists, is the ability to breathe through one's butt. You've heard the expression �Blow it out your after regions?� It's no mere figure of speech. Many species have a pair of sacs (bursae) opening off the cloaca (combined digestive and urogenital chamber). These are heavily vascularized to facilitate the uptake of oxygen."

Cold Bacon said...


you need to unprivate your profile. several turtles have been asking me questions. and what am i going to tell them?


i visited your blog. and i must say i was quite concerned by the lack of turtle talk. it's not too late for you to do something about that.

mike said...

I don't care what anyone says..."Metrosexiest" is the coolest blog name ever. EVER! I will seriously fistfight anyone who disagrees. You have been warned.

I think a future article for this blog should be "Why are turtles so damn sexy?" But unfortunately, nobody asked me. Somebody really should ask me. Really.

Cold Bacon said...

i thought it was metrosexist.

The Metrosexiest said...


Why are turtles so damn sexy?


The blog is Metrosexist. The blogger is The Metrosexiest.

That's how it is.

Cold Bacon said...


well whatever it is it needs to be updated.


(-) Why are turtles so damn sexy?


we miss you, a little.


great job with the blog! keep it up!

mike said...


I guess what I meant to say is that if there was a blog named "The Metrosexiest" then that particular blog would have the coolest blog name ever. I hope I have cleared that up in a believable fashion.

As for the question "Why are turtles so damn sexy?"...I believe I was the one who originally posed this question. Regrettably, I do not possess the answer. Maybe I need to start a blog called "The Testudinesexual."

Cold Bacon said...


javieth said...

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