Tuesday, July 24, 2007

turtle rescue mission

The below turtle was rescued on this day, July 24rd, 2007. Send us your turtle rescue stories.



Michael-Ann said...

p.s. i dig the song you have playing on your blog... who is that? for that matter who's Amazon is that on your website? Do you live in Houston or Arizona? if you live in Arizona how come you have us sending to turtle pledge to Houston?

Cold Bacon said...

are you going to send the pledge? or are you one of those dreadful meercat worshippers? dime a dozen. dime a dozen. we turtle worshippers know what's what.

there's an amazon on my website? wow.

Kate said...

it takes guts to rescue a snapping turtle. those suckers can take your toe off.

once my grandmother found a box turtle in her yard, put it in a cookie tin, and called my mother. we drove over and picked it up and then installed it in our back yard with our regular box turtle, who was wild but enjoyed bread crusts and with whom i would hang out. i had named him "skipperdee" after the turtle in eloise. i named the new, littler one "skipper." they hung out for some time further, until our family acquired a puppy, who barked at them. i could almost see skipperdee roll his eyes. then the two turtles moved on to a new yard, presumably with fewer puppies in it.

it's cute because it's true.

Cold Bacon said...

or is it true because it's cute?